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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day

What a completely fabulous weekend. It’s the kind of weekend that makes people sit cross-legged on newly forming grass, buy lots of cut flowers and walk around barefoot. It feels like the world is close to perfect and the never ending debate over our growing green house gases is just plain silly, but alas, the day-long traffic jam outside my house periodically jolts me back into reality. So, here are a few thoughts on Earth Day.

I wish I was more environmentally conscious like I was in my early 20s. I used to lecture people on running the tap while brushing their teeth, having overly long showers, using too many take out coffee cups, cranking on the AC, the dryer, hot water to wash clothes, you name it. Now, I find it very difficult to care. I confided in a close high school friend recently that I’m barely composting my food and she said she thought of everyone she knew, at least I’d be doing it. That depressed me enormously so I hung a clear plastic bag with rotting fruit on my fridge door once again.

I bought a car. A small economy car but still, it has emissions. I don’t donate to any environmental charities and I don’t think about organic food and I’m cranky when I visit my mother’s house and she has the heat turned down. However, I never litter and my car doesn’t have AC, neither does my apartment for that matter (not that I don’t secretly want it) and I recycle and I still count the summers 10 years ago when I went tree-planting.

Honestly, I didn’t do much for the environment today. I spent a little longer separating my garbage and that’s about it. But, this week, as a test, I’m going to try and not buy any take-out coffee in paper cups. How hard can it possibly be to carry a reusable mug around in your purse? I can imagine it's going to be pretty damn painful. Oh, how far I have sunken into mediocrity.