Back from Asia. Culture shock galore.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mainlininig the DivX

Yes, I've been yet again, neglecting the blog. There are many causes, a trip to Jamaica, several nights away from home, a new gym with time-consuming yoga, but the core source of my neglect, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is my Divx player. It's not new, I've had it for over two years but the TV show downloading is relatively recent and highly addictive.

Show #1 Lost. Since the summer I've ploughed through three seasons of Lost, and subsequently regained my love of Mathew Fox (who hasn't), and low and behold Party of Five is on Vision TV at 6 pm daily so he's swarming my dreams from all angles. I also have a soft spot for little Dominic Monaghan little heroin addicted Charlie -- cause who didn't love Merry in LOTR? Who doesn't love hobbits? He fits in well on the island. Anyway, that's show #1.

Show #2 Entourage. Three seasons done and done. Turtle -- cute. Vince -- HOT. A nice escape to celeb-infested L.A. and a life of pure, brain-drain hedonism.

Show #3 90210. It actually takes awhile to work your way through seasons one and two. There is a lot of time spent cringing into the couch pillows when the Walshes take centre stage and David sings and dances and dances some more. He does eventually become my favourite around S. 5.

Show #4 Dexter. I really cried when Six Feet Under aired its last episode. I thought it was all completely over and than this new Showtime series came out and there was a wee glimmer of light. Let's be honest, new sister Deb is not half as great as old sister Claire but hell, I'll take what I can get. I'm also enjoying the Miami nightlife scenes.

Show # 5. Heroes. I'm only about 8 episodes in but I'm hooked. I love the Japanese boys -- great acting, great plotline. The doped out painter is pretty hot too. I'm often procrastinating at work pondering which super power I'd like the most.

Ok, so for those few of you who actually emailed me to complain about the blog thank you for getting my ass off the couch. Ok, lie. I did lie on the couch and watch Heroes last night... I'm typing this at work. Bad, bad, bad....

I promise to write more soon. I’ll attach pics from Jamaica with Pia -- she's moving back to Van, I'm totally pissed, and pics of my new chocolate mocha hair and some other fun stuff.

Send me some more show ideas if you have them. Oh, I must thank my brother Jim for couriering me new shows. Nothing better.