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Monday, March 05, 2007

Farewell SuzyH

Suzy H: 1988 to February 28, 2007

I know it sounds kinda dumb to be broken up over a 19-year-old rotting Ford F150 truck but honestly, there's a good chance it will be my only namesake. My dad first bought the truck when I was 10 years old. It was shiny blue ALL-OVER (not three-toned as in later years) and it was the pride of the farm. My memory isn't that clear but I'm sure I got to spin it around a bit in the beginning if only up and down the laneway.

My first true driving experience began in grade 9 when I was a mere 14 and bored with my girlfriend. We decided to take it up and down the side roads for an hour or so but I didn't realize at the time that she ran on 4 tanks -two gas and two natural gas. The natural gas didn't last so long and almost ran out. My older brother took the heat and didn't rat me out -- or did he? I can't really remember... Below is a list of my favourite truck memories.

Memorable Experiences:

  • Hitching it up to the camper and heading to the Pinery every summer. Some nights sleeping in the cab when the rain got heavy and my sleeping bag was soaked.
  • Piling six or more friends into the back, covering them with blankets and sneaking into the Mustang drive-in (we also pulled this trick with Amy's matching red Ford).
  • Showing up late for high school because Jim decided we'd try and make some cash by pulling helpless drivers out of snow-ditches with a chain.
  • Spinning into the snowbank myself more than once.
  • Getting my first speeding ticket at 16 and balling in front of my 13-year-old brother.
  • Getting another ticket for faulty alignment at 22.
  • Driving through Western campus with limited rear vision due to a full load of potted Christmas trees, buckets of woodchips and shovels.
  • Making Craig drive it home from Robbyn's house in Westmount cause I was busy puking out the window.
  • The Save Tamagami bumper sticker.
  • Dad's eclectic mixed tape collection.

She will be sadly missed by all. Thanks for the many great years.


Blogger sachi_morris said...

Goodbye Blue Beast. You will be sadly missed. I actually didn't even know you were still alive.

4:39 PM

Blogger Beaches said...

Wait... is this the same truck that you drove up to Ipperwash this summer? Why do I remember something red? Is it possible that there are two, ahem, well-loved farm trucks in the Hass clan?

10:43 PM

Blogger Sue said...

The one I drove to Ipperwash was red and state of the art compared to big blue. Mind you, the transmission dropped occasionally and I had to start it in second gear but...

1:00 PM


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