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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Reincarnation of SuzyH

I bought a nice overly practical Toyota Echo. I had jokingly told my dad I wanted the plates back (pre-car purchase) and well, now their mine. An excerpt from the correspondence below:

Hi Suzy,
Jacquie and I have finished your plates. I covered the SUZY H with masking tape and cut around each letter with an exacto knife. I then sprayed the plate with white paint and removed the masking tape from each letter. Jacquie painted each letter with a tiny paint brush and also the small letters (Ontario & yours to discover). The plates look great! So, the name lives on.

Tomorrow, I'm putting the finishing touches on the car transfer (I bought it off Pia who sadly has moved to Vancouver so it's been a slow, step-by-step process). I'm a little freaked out by the work involved. Words like the DMV, emissions test, CAA, oil changes, rust protector, collision insurance and snow tires are a growing buzz my ears. But, hey, it's paid for and I hooked up the insurance so it's 90% mine! I'm going to have to remove the snow bunny bumper stickers cause let's face it -- I'm a horrible skier and snowboarder even though I'd love to say otherwise. I might get a new air freshener and one of those ipod converters cause they car has a tape deck but ya, done.

Road trip anyone?


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